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About Us

Welcome to the International Soccer Coaches Association of America, home of the East United States division, established in 2009. As part of the International Soccer Coaches Association of America, our division offers a wealth of resources for professional coaches engaged in international soccer programs. With a comprehensive range of soccer sections, we provide some of the best programs available across Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. All our programs are certified by ISCAA, ensuring high standards of coaching excellence and professional development. Whether you're coaching in the vibrant soccer scene of Europe or the emerging markets of Africa and Asia, our association is dedicated to supporting your coaching journey and helping you make a positive impact on the global soccer community.

Our Story

The International Soccer Coach Association of America (ISCAA), established in 2009 and headquartered in Chicago, IL, has evolved into the premier global organization for soccer coaches. With a commitment to serving members across all tiers of the sport, ISCAA has grown into the largest association of its kind worldwide. ISCAA is dedicated to fueling the passion of coaches on a daily basis, inspiring them to share their love for the game with players and others within the soccer community. Through its continuous efforts, ISCAA strives to elevate coaching standards and foster a vibrant soccer culture at every level of the game.

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