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As the leading provider in Talent Identification in Soccer courses, nationally and abroad, we deliver both online and in-person courses across the UK, Europe, Australia, America, Africa, and the U.A.E,Jordan,Turkey,Egypt,Morocco, Tunisia

Every course is passionately delivered by a qualified, experienced tutor – including elite senior football scouts from the English Premier ,La luge and Soccer League. We proudly join forces with numerous Premier League Clubs to deliver unprecedented Talent Identification training, while guiding and supporting thousands of association members.


The ISCAA is home to a diverse platter of online courses, from Level 1 Talent Identification in Soccer to Introduction into Football Scouting, and Introduction into Soccer Intermediary. All online courses in the ISCAA Education system can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime – through our intuitive Learning Management System.

ISCAA Level 1


The ISCAA are pleased to announce the ONLINE Level 1 Opposition Analysis In Soccer course. Developed by a full-time first-team opposition analyst for arguably one of Europe’s greatest teams this past decade. The ISCAA Level 1 is aimed at the independent opposition analyst which aims to equip the user with an insight into the industries best practices both within opposition and individual analysis.

The ISCAA Opposition Analysis In Soccer course is more than just a Level 1. It was designed with the ISCAA Scouting Network in mind, the UK’sand USA largest independent team of football scouts, to create further detailed reports for our member clubs.

The Level 1 course will provide you with the knowledge to:

> Understand the role of an opposition scout and their setting in the wider context of Soccer .
> Explain the tools and technology available to create comprehensive and engaging analysis .
> Analyse set pieces and document them in a report .
> Understand formations and their impact on game play and analysis .
> Explain the process of individual analysis and the key points to look out for when analyzing players .
> Produce a complete opposition and independent analysis based on your new knowledge .



ISCAA Level 1



The ISCAA Level 1 Talent Identification in Football,Soccer Course was developed by elite Premier League Football Scouts, Heads of Recruitment and Academy Managers, and touches on all aspects of talent identification.

Unlike other online talent identification courses, the ISCAA 1 Talent Identification In Football,Soccer Course delves much deeper into the profession of football scouting and is the industry-leading online introduction into talent identification.

The 11 module course will equip you with a firm understanding and platform to further develop your knowledge of the talent identification process and what is needed to operate as both a football scout or an elite coach.

Modules include:

  • Introducing Talent Identification                                                                           

  • Understanding the iscaa

  • Talent Identification Predictors

  • Football Scouts and Player Reports

  • Talent ID Predictors in a Goalkeeper and the Relative Age Effect

  • Anthropological Predictors

  • Technical Skill Predictors

  • Psychological and Sociological Predictors

  • Limitations and Importance of Talent Identification

Notes: The iscaa Level 1 in Talent Identification in Football and the Introduction into Football,soccer Scouting DO NOT provide the necessary skills needed to operate as a football scout in line with the iscaa. Please see the 2-day practical Level 2 Talent Identification in Football Course to further your knowledge of Talent Identification in Football and to ultimately operate as a Football Scout within a Category-A club.

The iscaa Level 1 Talent Identification in Football course is based 100% online. Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll receive your assigned username and password within 24 hours. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder, as these emails can often get caught by filters. We recommend you take the course on a PC or Mac with the latest version of Google Chrome installed for optimal speed and ease of use.





The ISCAA is pleased to announce the launch of a new online course; an Introduction Into Football,Soccer Intermediary. This course has been developed by Professional Football Intermediaries representing players in the Premier and Football League and aims to give an insight into the World of an intermediary/agent.


> The Origin of Football Intermediaries

> The Role of a Football Intermediary

> Working With Players and Clubs

> How Do Football Scouts Search For Talent

> Working As An Intermediary

> Registering as a Football Intermediary

> What to do next.

All new users of the  Introduction Into Football Intermediary Course will receive, exclusive access to Instat The ISCAA are proud to partner with one of the markets leading analysis platforms used by Arsenal, Manchester United and many more.

Once you have registered, a username and password will be emailed directly within 24 hours. All ISCAA Online Courses are best operated using a PC or Mac running Google Chrome.


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