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Soccer Agent Course (Football Intermediary Course)

Learn the skills to represent players and clubs worldwide
Agents perform a key role in the international football transfer market by representing players and clubs during the transfer process.

The demand for agents is high as football clubs, especially the elite clubs, are spending more and more money to ensure that they feature in the top competitions, such as the Champions League.

The Money Spent During Transfer Windows
Europe’s top league clubs spent a record amount of money during the 2020 summer transfer window. The money spent by the top five leagues in Europe during this period is as follows:


Player Salaries

By way of example, the salaries of some of the top players in Europe are as follows:


The Steps to Become an Agent
The good news is that FIFA currently allows National Football Associations to adopt their own requirements for those wishing to work as Agents. However, before you will be ready to represent your first players and clubs, you’ll need to learn about the rules, regulations and laws that apply to agents, players and clubs worldwide. This shall allow you to navigate through the different rules and properly represent your client/s.

On this course, you shall learn about these rules and how football / soccer agents negotiate player transfers on behalf of clubs and players, and you’ll get to see transfer contracts and other documents used during player transfers.

The Topics Covered on the Course Include:

Part 1: An Introduction to FIFA and the Rules & Regulations on Intermediaries
Part 2: FIFA Rules on the Transfer of Players
Part 3: FIFA Rules on Minors and Loan Players
Part 4: FIFA Compensation Mechanisms
Part 5: FA and League Rules
Part 6: Applicable Domestic Laws
Part 7: Financial Crime & Corruption
Part 8: Betting & Match Fixing
Part 9: Endorsements & Bonuses
Part 10: Negotiation Skills & Techniques (Extra module)

What You Will Achieve

Once you have completed the course, you will be able to:

– Negotiate and process player transfers;
– Understand the player registration process;
– Comply with the rules relating to minors;
– Calculate the compensation a player’s former club/s is eligible to receive following a player transfer;
– Identify issues relating to financial crime;
– Comply with betting and match fixing rules;
– Identify issues relating to endorsements and bonuses on behalf of a player when negotiating a contract;
And, much more.


Who the Course is Designed For?
– Anyone who wants to become a Soccer / Football Agent (Intermediary);
– Football players without an agent who would like to know more about relevant rules, perhaps so they can represent themselves, to secure a contract with a better club, locally or abroad, or negotiate a better salary with their existing club;
– Family members of a young footballer with talent who want to represent him or ensure that his interests are being represented properly; and
– Anybody else who has an interest in knowing more about the rules, regulations, and laws impacting on Intermediaries, football players, and clubs.


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